Sueños del Bosque Lodge San Gerardo de Dota. Located at Mount Buena Vista at the foot of the Talamanca Mountain Range, Sueños del Bosque is part of Los Santos Forest Reserve neighbored by Quetzales National Park.
Sueños del Bosque” has a rich cloud forest flora and many exotic birds such as quetzals, hummingbirds, and goldfinches that can easily be spotted as you take any of the numerous walking trails available.

Visitors will be delighted by what Sueños del Bosque offers.  Several lakes and ponds.  Guests can also enjoy comfortable cabins.  Furthermore, visitors can have a taste of authentic Costa Rican food and drinks prepared from products available in the area such as apples, plums, and peaches.  There are also several restaurants nearby. If preferred, visitors can make their own BBQ.
Sueños del Bosque promotes and carries out activities that protect and preserve the environment.  Sustainable practices are evidence of our environmental responsibility and our legacy to future generations.
Sueños del Bosque… A dream come true!

To get to Sueños del Bosque, travel on the South Pan-American Highway as far as kilometer 80.  Take a detour on your right, travel 9 kilometers further on that road.  The cabins are at an altitude of 2,200 meters above sea level surrounded by oak, avocado, wild avocado, plum, and apple trees. The clean zigzagging Savegre River, with beautiful waterfalls, runs near the cabins.


Sueños del Bosque” promotes both scientific and rural tourism. It also attracts travelers interested in catching the beauty and marvel of nature with their cameras.
You can be part of that unique and fascinating life experience. Be a witness and an actor in the still emerging towns in Costa Rican territory.
Sueños del Bosque cabins offer both nationals and foreigners an unforgettable experience.
Remember: Come and dream in our forests!! You will not regret it!!